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Dreaming of all the vegan + gluten free goodness from @shojinlove last night. We started off the a pumpkin soup and brussels sprouts the. We got 3 rolls the pumpkin castle (amazzzing), dynamite (our fav!!) and a new roll called the love sax magic (wasn’t our fav but still good.) then we ended the night with this amazing dessert made with pumpkin, cacao, raspberry, and more! Sooo good!! #shojin #vegan #vegansushi #culvercity #la #soyummy #whatveganseat #eatclean #datenight

Thank you @shojinlove ❤️ (at Shojin)

Fall Vibes 🍁🍁 date night (at Shojin)

Just a reminder for the weekend 💛💛 Today’s Mantra “I am one with life”

That moment you realiE you have soo many “going out dresses” but never go out anymore 😂😂 hey at least I have tons of choices for when special occasions come up! 😃 just spent hours on the @freepeople blog saving DIY decor and beauty projects and writing up workouts for my classes tomorrow! #loveit #happiness #lovenookie #trainer #fitness #fridaynightin

BEST business partner ever!!! 💕💕❤️❤️ @selffitnesssouthbay

It’s my dads birthday and I’m sitting here with so many emotions. It makes me sad that I cant turn to him at times I’m hurting so much like right now, It haunts me that he went through such torture and can’t be present in my adult life, it hurts that I can’t spend another night with him talking for hours about everything and anything. Some of you might wonder why I’m writing this on fb but the truth is losing my best friend, the person who made me smile 24/7 just doesn’t get easier…as the years go by and memories fade the only thing that comforts me is knowing one day we will be laughing, hiking, fishing, comparing travels and adventures while I get to say I truly am thankful for you dad! <3

I’m posting this so that everyone turns to whoever is next to them and tells them how grateful they are for having them in their life. Pass the love around today.

Trying to eat dinner earlier because I teach my last class at 6:30 and don’t get home until 8/8:30ish. So today I made a quick literally FIVE minute kale salad and I wasn’t sure how it was gonna turn out but it’s actually super yummy!!
So for the dressing I mixed balsamic vinegar, a lil Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then I massaged the kale knowing it would be sitting in my fridge at the studio and have time to marinate. Then I topped the kale with beans, corn, salsa, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and nutritional yeast. So good!
Also pictured in my beet/ carrot/ ginger/ kale/ celery/ cucumber juice. Make sure to have your juice 20 mins before eating to properly digest or 2 hours after eating! Super important!
(at SELF Fitness South Bay)

Been working on building my booty. One of my goals I posted on our goal board @selffitnesssouthbay yes everyone constantly talks about squats, squats, squats which of course I incorporate but I love doing all diff types of exercises to get into all the glute muscles! There’s deeper layers in there!! 💪 what’s your end of the year fitness and health goal!?? (at Self Fitness South Bay )

Haha yes!!!! 👏
Still feeling all the squats from yesterday’s leg day! #booty (at SELF Fitness South Bay)