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Tired but ready to conquer the day! (at Self Fitness South Bay )

Did you workout today? Today is arms/ abs/ chest day at my studio @selffitnesssouthbay what’s your fav arms and ab exercises?

Spotted: Vegan Donuts!!! Ahhh I couldn’t resist! This is why I work my ass off every single day though to enjoy moments like these 💕💕 #wholefoods #vegansofig #vegandonuts #whatveganseat #workhardplayhard (at Whole Foods Market Torrance)

Oh yes this is Vegan firecracker sushi!! So so so good!!! #vegan #vegansushi #wholefoods (at Whole Foods Market Torrance)

One of my fav @valslide ab and arm moves! The arm slide outs! To advance this move go into a plank position and do the same thing. If your on your knees make sure to extend your arm out as far as you can keeping your core pulling in! 💪💪 #valslide #abs #arms #core #tonedarms (at Self Fitness South Bay )

Happy Housewarming @daisyeshb

Did you know that matcha green tea has a TON of benefits?
- weight loss
- skin health
- detoxifies
- stress reducer
- immunity booster
- increases metabolism
- energy booster
- full of antioxidants
- prevention of arthritis and diabetes
- lowers LDL “bad cholesterol”
- full of fiber
- the list goes on!
I’ve recently picked up a jar of organic matcha green tea powder and my fav way to enjoy it is having it in a smoothie. I love adding spinach, fresh mint leaves, almonds + water (to make almond milk), E3 live, and come cacao nibs! So yummy!! Tell me your fav way to enjoy Matcga Green Tea! I would love some more recipes! 💪

BOOTY TIME- I love using ankle weights at least TWICE a week to really lift and sculpt my backside. I’ve always had a butt but I’m really trying to give it some lift again a bad sculpt it a lot more! I’ve been using 5 pound ankle weights but will probably be getting 10lbs soon! 💪🍰 #booty #bubblebutt #glutes #ankleweights

This is the goal board we started at my studio! I ❤️ my clients so much! Was looking at it before I taught this am and one of our newest guys wrote “to not fear Tiffany anymore!!” Lmao 😂😂😂 @selffitnesssouthbay (at Self Fitness South Bay )

Here we go. Second set of @valslide abs!! (at SELF Fitness South Bay)